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LAYERS IN NATURE- a solo show

June 12 - August 1, 2021

Southern Vermont Arts Center

930 SVAC Drive

Manchester, VT 05254

(802) 362-1405

Dianne Shullenberger spends much of her time exploring the outdoors. She rarely returns home from a walk or hike without a photograph or found treasure. She keeps these objects to reflect the passage of time, her travels and the natural history of her environmentLayers In Nature is testament to her many encounters with, and love of, the natural world: fabric collages, colored pencil drawings and sculpture. Whether with fabric and thread, pencil, or grasses, twigs and bark, she meticulously captures the essence of the outdoors with infinite shades of rich color and defining textures. Shullenberger’s work transports you to the woods, the river and the shore to experience the beauty she finds there.


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