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about me

I am most inspired by being outdoors and experiencing the atmosphere of a place. I want to capture a moment in  nature that may pass and keep it alive in my memory and experience it again as I look at my work.


I focus on nature studies with close-up views concentrating on details. I photograph or do colored pencil drawings on location and translate them into fabric collages or colored pencil pieces.  Fabric has many characteristics. You can use reverse sides, you can rip, cut, wrinkle, distress, and pull threads. It is very flexible. The challenge is to use fabrics from my stash and make them depict the scene without using paint or dyes.





When you look at my fabric collage pieces, I want you to feel as if you have been transplanted and that all your senses are absorbing the essence of the environment. I want your eyes to see things you never noticed before and find beauty in objects you once thought were unworthy of notice.


My process is intricate with no drawn patterns that I follow.  All shapes are formed using hundreds of very small pieces of fabric that are layered and then stitched in place on the sewing machine. The thread is important: it provides texture, shades, alters colors and draws details. 

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